About us

A selection made rigorously with heart, for the happiness and safety of our children!

Behind Vert imaginaire hides a passionate woman, mother of three young children, who wanted to be able to offer the best to her little angels. Already concerned to provide them with healthy food, as well as reassuring body and health care products, she wanted to create a unique universe by launching her online store of toys and hobbies with reassuring content.

It was therefore in December 2017 that Vert imaginaire was born. Offering flexibility and peace of mind, it is possible to shop online, whenever you want, for toys and crafts with which children can have fun and explore in complete safety.

Our mission

Play, explore in complete freedom!

Vert imaginaire is an online store of toys and crafts ​where we have at heart the health and safety of children​, while wishing to do our humble part for the good of the planet. This is why each product is chosen with care, in a conscientious and rigorous manner, in order to offer you toys that are as reassuring as they are fun!

So that your little precious can play freely​, without prejudice to their health and in harmony with the environment, we are looking for the most eco-conscious toy manufacturers. Vert imaginaire is proud to be THE reference for toys made from natural, ecological and non-toxic materials, in addition to offering you several creations by local artisans.