Our promise

Say yes to responsible consumption!

Rest assured, all the materials and ingredients of the toys and crafts we offer are 100% non-toxic for your little ones. Wood, natural rubber, fabrics, stains, paints, waxes, varnishes or other: everything is certified safe and greatly exceeds the norms and standards of safety and quality!

We are proud to select toys from manufacturers who care about offering minimalist and environmentally friendly packaging. Plus, we make sure to package your orders using recycled products. Goodbye overwrapping, hello recyclable materials!

Manufacturing and transport
Our suppliers make sure to be as eco-responsible as possible throughout the manufacturing process of their toys, from design to transport.

Give back to the community
The toys you buy at Vert imaginaire are made by companies that are concerned with giving back to their community or to those less fortunate and / or to ensure the well-being of the planet through targeted actions.

Fair and ethical practices
Guaranteeing fair commercial practices, here or abroad, is one of the values of the manufacturers selected by Vert imaginaire. By committing to maintain close ties with their suppliers and factories and by performing regular and independent quality control tests and audits, manufacturers can ensure the most ethical and eco-responsible practices possible throughout the chain.

Encourage local economy 
Based in Quebec, it is imperative for Vert imaginaire to have in store a selection of Canadian products that meet our ecological criterias.